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What is the mission of the Benefactor and the Founders?

The Benefactor, along with the Founders, embarked on a mission to gather the world’s most brilliant minds. Their goal was to explore parallel universes, aiming to unlock new realms of knowledge and potential.

The Founders uncovered that multiple universes coexist alongside ours, sometimes overlapping. These interactions create detectable signatures, paving the way for exploration.

Leveraging advancements in quantum computing, which exists in a mathematical realm separate from our physical reality, the team developed the first quantum reactor in 2018, enabling them to reach new dimensions.

In 2020, the inaugural extraction team ventured into a parallel universe known as Dimension Experiment S99821. They discovered that the essence of certain organic substances could be transferred back to our universe, marking a significant breakthrough.

WARPD LABS aims to advance civilization by harnessing and utilizing dimensional terpenes. These unique compounds, obtained through dimensional exploration, have the potential to enhance various aspects of society.

To date, 26 different “Dimensions” have been explored, leading to the discovery of 20 unique essences, each with its own potential applications and benefits.

The Terpene Division has selected 7 promising terpenes: Ease, Imagine, Giddy, Boost, Groovy, Desire, and Dream. These are designed to enhance relaxation, creativity, joy, energy, psychotropic experiences, arousal, and restfulness in daily human life.

New essences will be introduced over time, with certain releases being limited in availability to ensure exclusivity and intrigue.

The UNSTABLE SPECIMEN VAULT is a secretive repository that holds a selection of rare and unique essences, shrouded in mystery and accessible to only a select few.

The essences are incorporated into various thoughtfully crafted products, including Gummys (BITES), Pods (The Quantum Porthole System), Flower (available in .7g and 2g Joints), and Capsules (an innovative blend of flower and mushrooms for enhanced effects).

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